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so here is my groups cosplay schedule for RICC november 1-2! if anyone else is going from pokemon on saturday we would love to have you be in pictures with us :D 

katey’s cosplay schedule 
saturday : dragonair - pokemon 
sunday: not sure yet

tee-rex’s cosplay schedule
saturday: sylveon - pokemon
sunday: not sure yet

nana-san’s cosplay schedule 
saturday: delphfox - pokemon
sunday: ryuko - kill la kill

sailor scone’s cosplay schedule
saturday: umbreon - pokemon
sunday: miku hatsune - vocaloid


a little chibi of myself C: i wanted to change the outfit for my “sailor scone” self since the other one was too girly and didnt fit with my genderfluidness (since i made the old design WAY before i knew i was genderfluid) so here is the new outft! <3

so yeah! new “Self” design. i might possibly make this as a cosplay for cons that are like wind down days (like sundays and fridays) and besides, itll be fun to have a outfit designed just for me!

the people you meet on omegle is completely outstanding. i dont really care for it much but it annoys me when people go on there, no cam, no mic, and tries to ruin people night/day by calling them faggots, telling them to kill themselves, and completely shot down cosplay and try to say how useless it can be. the person i ran into was a complete idiot and tried to say people cant make money off cosplay or art, told me he was going to rape me and everything. of course, me being me, i didnt let this get to me and i completely told him the truth on how his life probably completely sucked and he lived in his mom’s basement. 

my message from this is that people like that are cowards and you shouldnt let them get to you! they just do these things to make them feel better about themselves. again, DONT LET THEM GET TO YOU

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